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What Do The Different Types Of Table Tennis Rackets Mean?

What Do The Different Types of Table Tennis Rackets Mean?

There are a variety of different types of table tennis blades or paddles on the market. It can be difficult for beginners to know which one they should go for. Is an all-wood blade better or one with carbon layers a better choice? Should you go for one with 3 layers, or 5 or 7? 

Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for several months and wish to take your game a step further, blade choice is integral to playing a good game of table tennis. In this blog we provide a comprehensive guide on picking the right blade suited to your level of experience and style of play. 

Choose the right table tennis blade for you


1. Pure wood

All-wood blades are usually chosen for the control it offers and are great for those looking for a defensive blade. It’s also a better choice for beginners developing their skills and technique – especially their ability to create spin. A pure wood blade allows you to feel the ball better, develop good contact and understand – with practice – how to make good shots.

Some common wood types include: kiri, a popular core layer wood; ayous, another core layer wood that is lightweight and elastic; limba, a soft wood that offers stability as an outer veneer wood. Generally, if the wood is harder, it makes the blade faster, and if it’s softer, it makes for a slower play. 

Sin Ten offers a range of pure wood blades, such as the Stiga Infinity VPS V Blade. It is a lightweight, 5-ply wood blade that weighs about 85g. Its innovative Diamond Touch technology gives it an extra hard surface and a smooth finish, making it an ideal racket for those looking for aggressive receives and powerful topspins. 

Or opt for the DONIC Persson PowerPlay Senso, a 7-ply all-wood blade that makes for an excellent offensive blade type. This blade is made in Sweden, weighs about 85g and is special because of the addition of a thin layer of foil which gives its players added control and ball feel. It also received World Champion Jörgen Persson’s stamp of approval, “The SENSO technology makes things much easier since you get prompt feedback from the ball.”

2. Carbon composite

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) states that blades used in competitive play need to be at least 85% natural wood. This means there’s room to add small amounts of other materials, such as carbon fibre. Once you’re a more seasoned player, and have mastered your technique, you may consider carbon composite blades. 

While pure-wood blades are thick and dense, those with carbon layers are stiffer and more rigid. This quality means carbon blades offer more speed while requiring less effort. The contact time between ball and blade is shorter than that of all-wood blades. It also has a larger sweet spot. What does this mean? It means that even if your shot is off the mark, you will still be able to deliver a relatively decent shot. 

If you’re looking for a quality composite blade, consider Sin Ten’s Nittaku Acoustic Carbon. Designed with 5 wood blades and 2 carbon blades, it allows you to play a good offensive game. It is made with special wood laminate technology and has a FE-carbon material that sits at its core.

Number of layers

Blades are usually made from an odd number of layers – 3, 5 or 7 – to protect it from warping. 5 ply blades are most common. Experienced players can explore using 7 ply wood blades or 5+2 blades. A 5+2 blade is made of 7 layers in total with 5 layers made of wood and 2 made of carbon; the 2 layers of carbon could be either inner or outer layers. Generally, those with more layers are heavier, more powerful and offer faster serves. 

Pick the right blade 

Selecting and buying the right table tennis bat can take some experimenting with several different types. Some players may have a preference for all-wood blades with specific wood types and others may swear by composite blades. Some may like lighter blades as they feel it allows them to react faster, and others prefer heavier blades for more powerful shots. There is no one best type of model of blade. 

Sin Ten Sports Trading is Singapore’s choice for high-quality table tennis rackets and other equipment. We offer a wide range of table tennis blades for all types of players. If you would like to find out more about the different types we carry, reach out to us

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