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Warm Up For A Hearty Table Tennis Game In 3 Steps

Warm Up For A Hearty Table Tennis Game In 3 Steps

It might not seem like it, but don’t be fooled. While seemingly a small indoor game, the table tennis game is a rigorous sport that demands swift agility, rapid movements, and fluidity. So don’t make the mistake of neglecting warmups!

It’s essential to protect your body from injury risks and warm up before every game, even for leisure players. It’s more than playing your best match. Warming up is a safety procedure that helps you avoid any possible injuries or potential setbacks in the future. But don’t worry! There are plenty of easy ways to start warming up without tiring yourself out too much, so get ready because it’s time to play ball (and have fun)!

Value of Warm-ups Before Your Daily Table Tennis Game

Warm-ups help get the healthy blood pumping through your body while you mentally prepare for an exciting match. It loosens up your muscles and keeps you limber so you can hit even those hard-to-reach balls that bounce off the edge. 

What’s more, starting a game with cold, stiff muscles can lead to accidental sprains, muscle tears or strains. Stay safe from sports injuries and be well prepared to perform at tip-top shape for strenuous or physically demanding matches.

1. Cardio

The fastest way to get your heart rate up and raise your body temperature is with a quick, breezy run. A short 7-10 mins cardio for a leisure game will do the trick. For your workout playlist, you can:

  • Take a few laps around the table tennis court for a quick way to get the sweat going
  • Hone your reflexes with some 20m shuttle run dashes, and 
  • A few short reps of side-to-side shuffles and footwork practice to help sharpen your reflexes and improve game coordination

A little cardio goes a long way to help put you in the zone and win you that perfect game. But to start on the right foot, make sure you have the proper footwear on hand and shop for the right table tennis shoes. Better yet, get them online at your convenience through our store.


To level up your daily table tennis game and unlock the secret to playing like a pro, including one ingredient in your warm-up routine: stretches. Stretching frees up your joints and extends your muscles, making them more flexible so you can enjoy improved movements while you go out all in the table tennis game.

For easy stretches, start with:

  • Neck rolls clockwise and anti-clockwise to protect your neck from sudden sprains,
  • Shoulder rotations clockwise and anti-clockwise to loosen up your prized instrument —your arms
  • Ball squeezes to ensure your fingers and wrists aren’t stiff
  • Front and side lunges, knee tuck jumps, butt kicks, trunk twist to work your legs (hamstring, calf and glutes) for the swiftest movements

3. Table Warm-Ups

Finally, pound on table tennis drills before every game to warm up your strokes. Try shadow play exercises to practice your forehand drive, backhand drive, forehand loops, and backhand loops. And don’t forget your neutral positions!

It also helps to do a 5-minute drill and rally with a friend as a sparring opponent. Rehearse paddling balls cross-court, down the line, as well as your service and receive in the table tennis game.

Play longer, faster, and stronger

With all the basics of table tennis warm-ups in the palm of your hands, practice it before every game, and before you know it, you’ll start to notice fewer aches and strains after every game. Your table tennis matches will become even more enjoyable, and you’ll be able to play more frequently without risk of injury or pain.

Now you can go 100% to every table tennis game with the right warm-up routine and equipment from our online shop. Need a place to sharpen your skills? Check out these hidden table tennis training spots in Singapore. The priority is in ensuring your wellbeing as a table tennis player.

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