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Top 5 Table Tennis Brands

Top 5 Table Tennis Brands

Table tennis has become a global sport. The table tennis game is played by millions of enthusiasts around the world, but have especially strong roots in China, Japan, Korea and Sweden. Many internationally renowned brands, such Yasaka, Stiga, and Butterfly, originate from these countries.

Brands such as these have long histories of producing top-quality equipment. These manufacturers produce high-quality equipment at affordable prices. They’ve earned a reputation for making durable products that last longer than others. In this article, we learn more about these brands and how they became household names in the table tennis world. 

1. Yasaka

The history of Yasaka is one of constant development and evolution. From the original rubber, to the modern-day blades, Yasaka has been at the forefront of table tennis technology for decades. Launched in 1947, Yasaka is the combination of the names of its two Japanese founders: Sakamoto and Hiroshi Yaoita. The brand has worked with several top Swedish players and, more recently, Chinese Olympic table tennis medalist Ma Lin. If you’re looking for an internationally renowned name, Yasaka is the brand for you.

Sin Ten offers a range of Yasaka products, from blades to rubbers to shoes. The Yasaka Rakza 7 Table Tennis Rubber is an iconic rubber, originally released in 1969 and permanently altered players’ perception that a heavy topspin attacking style could be an effective style of play.

2. Stiga

Stiga was founded by Stig Hjelmquist in Tranås in 1944 and strived to create table tennis equipment for both beginners and experts. It manufactures all its blades in Eskilstuna, Sweden. In the 1950s, Stig approached Swedish table tennis champion, Tage Filsberg, to create a racket fit for world-class players. What cemented Stiga’s reputation in the Table Tennis world was its partnership with legend Liu Guoliang, the first Chinese player to have won an Olympic Gold, World Cup and World Championship.

Sin Ten carries Stiga table tennis products. The Stiga Infinity VPS – a lightweight, pure wood, 5-ply blade – is one of the best-selling blades. It offers a high ball feel and control level and is suitable for players of all levels. 


XIOM is one of the most popular brands of table tennis products in South Korea. They are known for their high quality and durability. Their products include rubber sheets, paddles, rackets, balls, etc. XIOM is particularly known for its rubber sheets and blades. Its rubber sheets are made with the revolutionary “Carbo Black Sponge” technology that allows it to generate more spin and speed. 

Sin Ten carries a range of XIOM products. For example, Xiom Omega VII Asia Table Tennis Rubber, made with pimples in, offers exceptional power-spin performance and is ideal for seasoned players looking to play an aggressive game.


DONIC, a well-known table tennis brand, was founded in Cologne, Germany, and has released breakthrough wooden blades, sheets and tables. While DONIC gets its name from its founder: Doctor (DO) George Nicklas (NIC), it has since been sold to the Schreiner family, who furthered the brand’s reach and success. In 1993, it partnered with top Swedish professional player and Olympic winner, Jan-Ove Waldner – sometimes referred to as “the Mozart of table tennis.” 

It has worked closely with other top Swedish players, Jörgen Persson and Mikael Appelgren, producing innovative equipment fit for international tournaments, elevating its status. Today, DONIC’s headquarters is located in Volklingen, Germany, and the brand has developed several innovative blade lines, such as EPOX, DOTEC and SENSO.

Sin Ten is a proud carrier of DONIC products. Players with an offensive play style can give the DONIC Bluestorm Z1 Rubber a try. It has a medium pored sponge and a pimples-in structure – making it the hardest, fastest rubber sheet of the series. Perfect for experienced offensive players. Achieve fast topspins with this rubber now. 

5. Butterfly

Butterfly is a Japanese brand that was started in 1950, when the founder, Hikosuke Tamasu, was unsatisfied with the quality of table tennis rubbers. The brand manufactures a wide range of products, such as blades, rubbers, tables, and nets. When developing products, Butterfly undertakes extensive research and exhibits great attention to detail. Its innovative approach allowed it to gain favour outside of Japan, in European countries such as Hungary. Butterfly is the choice product for international tournaments, like the Asian Championships and the ITTF Pro Tour Finals.

Check out Sin Ten’s range of Butterfly products. Consider the Butterfly Tenergy 05 Table Tennis Rubber. It is a high-tension rubber with a slightly tacky surface and creates spin on the ball. This favourite amongst world-class players delivers explosive power throughout its lifespan.

Discover top table tennis brands with Sin Ten

Some players swear by Stiga, and some by Yasaka. Do research, read reviews online and ask your friends. Most importantly, try it out for yourself to decide which brand of blade or rubbers fits your style of play and preference. 
Sin Ten Sports Trading offers a range of high-quality table tennis blades, table tennis rubbers, as well as ping pong tables. Visit our store located at Block 109, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, Singapore, to browse our full collection and buy table tennis bats and rubbers now. Our team will be more than happy to share their knowledge and experience and offer advice.

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