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Dr. Neubauer No.1 Rubber (Long Pip)


Dr Neubauer Number 1  is an innovative and distinct development that comes with a totally new rubber formula and vertical pimple alignment. The pimples got even softer in the process and will enable you to reduce the speed of the game while blocking passively. This is particularly noticeable while returning services and blocking against fast topspin balls.

The ball hereby bounces even lower on the other side of the table. Number 1 is also very efficient for putting pressure on your opponent. The rubber is highly versatile and will enable you to produce all standard long pimple attacking shots at ease.

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Speed: 7.0

Spin: 6.0

Control: 10.0

Deception: 8.0


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Red, Black


OX, 0.6mm, 1.0mm


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