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Donic Spike P2 Rubber (Long Pimple)


The long studded surface Spike P2 owes its unmistakable playing properties to a combination of the unique, extremely soft sponge pad and the specially developed long studded surface. The Spike P2’s soft sponge pad increases control, both with cut balls above the table and with surprising attack and sturgeon balls.
All shots that the modern defense player needs for his game can be played particularly effectively thanks to the special knob structure.

  •  Unique, soft sponge pad
  • Special structure of the long pimple surface
  • High control
  • Good for defense and cut balls over the table
  •  Best suited for modern defensive play
  •  Block of topspin balls at the table
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Speed: 5.3

Spin: 6.3

Control: 6.9

Deception: 6.2

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Red, Black


0.3mm~0.6mm, 1.0mm~1.3mm


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