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Donic Desto F3 Rubber, 多尼克徳士途F3胶皮


The DONIC DESTO F3 has the special feel of the FORMULA DONIC in its purest form. It is slightly faster than a conventional spin-elastic rubber and is particularly soft, which gives it an extremely good feel for the ball. Its softness, its speed glue sound and its dynamics ensure, in addition to the special feeling, better ball control. For players who have not glued freshly, we recommend entering the FORMULA DONIC with the 1.8 mm version.

Active people who had played top-spinel-elastic rubbers without sticking freshly experience significantly more fun with the DONIC DESTO F3 without any changeover problems. Players who previously glued soft toppings will find a full substitute for freshening up in the F3.

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Speed: 7.3

Spin: 8.4

Control: 8.3

Tackiness: Slightly tacky

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Red, Black




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