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Donic Blues T1 Table Tennis Rubber


It is often not the big, but the small points that decide whether you win or lose. In the end, the player who makes fewer mistakes wins. Exactly for this there is now a new rubber, made in Germany: the Blues T1. This new development perfectly combines the effortless ball control of classic rubbers with the dynamism of modernity. The secret: The Blues T1 has a large-pored and medium-hard sponge (47.5 °), but a reduced speed glue effect, which enormously reduces the number of minor errors.

The Blues T1 is therefore ideally suited for controlled offensive play as well as classic all-round play: the catapult effect is larger and the ball bounce higher than with a classic rubber, but somewhat lower than with rubber of the latest Formula DONIC generation.
Let your opponent make the mistakes.

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Speed: 6.5

Spin: 6.5

Control: 8.5

Tackiness: Non Tacky

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