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Donic Baracuda Big Slam Table Tennis Rubber


FORMULA DONIC technology has been added a dangerous SPIN dimension to the DONIC BARACUDA coverings. With the BARACUDAs, the ball leaves the racket at a significantly steeper angle, i.e. with considerably more spin. The higher speed of the ball stabilizes its trajectory and at the same time increases its speed. The consequences impress after just a few hours of getting used to this new surface. Even very good players increase their hit accuracy considerably. Especially in critical situations, DONIC BARACUDA brings the last bit of security, not only in the risky topspin game.
The Big Slam as a soft version provides even more control with unmistakable sound.

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Speed: 8.2

Spin: 9.2

Control: 8.6

Tackiness: Slightly tacky

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Red, Black



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