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It’s never too late to learn a new sport. Table tennis is a highly versatile sport that is perfect for beginners and players of all ages and backgrounds. Learning a new sport can be incrementally helpful for instilling discipline, improving fitness and cognitive skills. And, there is no better way to begin than by equipping yourself with the right equipment.

On Sin Ten Sports Trading, we offer different varieties of table tennis equipment – from rackets and rubbers to tables and balls. No matter what your playing level is, you will find the right balance between comfort and challenge with our table tennis balls. Browse premium sporting brands for high quality table tennis balls online.

Choosing A Table Tennis Ball

It’s normal to get overwhelmed by the vast number and types of table tennis balls and equipment there are. With a little bit of help, you will be well on your way to selecting a table tennis ball that is right for your game. What are the different types of balls on the market?

Training Balls (1 Star, 2 Stars)

Suitable for beginners who are just learning the sport, these table tennis balls are softer and to be used for training purposes.

Competition Balls (3 Stars)

Classified as either one-, two-, or three-star balls, these are of better quality (the higher the star rating, the better) and will work on the competition scene if they are white or orange, have a 40+mm diameter and weigh 3g. Competitive players tend to use the three-star table tennis balls for both training and competition.

Shop For Table Tennis Balls

Finding the right table tennis ball can give you the confidence and tools necessary to help improve your game. If you’re starting out, go for training table tennis balls to gain some ground with technique. At Sin Ten Sports Trading, you can buy table tennis balls at reasonable prices and high quality. To get in touch with our customer service team, drop us a message on our enquiry form here.

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