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How To Choose Good Table Tennis Shoes

How to Choose Good Table Tennis Shoes

So you’ve been playing table tennis for a couple of months and are getting really into the sport. You might wish to level up your skill and want to start playing competitively. While your ability to play largely depends on technique and skilled honed through playing regularly and practising drills, having the right gear – especially table tennis footwear – can really transform how you play and can make all the difference. 

It’s time to hang up your regular running shoes and start using proper indoor sports shoes when playing with your friends. In this blog we provide some tips for you before you start shopping around for table tennis shoes. 

How are table tennis shoes different from other sports shoes? 

When you first start playing and are at a beginner level, regular sports shoes you use for running might work just fine. But if you wish to take it up a notch, choose table tennis shoes. They offer two main benefits: lighter than most sports shoes that keeps your footwork quick and precise and flexibility and grip to allow for lateral movements. 

Running shoes usually have thick outer soles, which contribute to heavier shoes, while table tennis shoes are lightweight. Running shoes also have a high heel cap, inhibiting your side to side movements. You want to be light and quick on your feet and be able to perform sides jumps or shuffles. Table tennis shoes offer good grip to facilitate such movements. 

One might assume that tennis shoes can substitute table tennis shoes. But tennis is an outdoor sport and so the shoes for this sport are made to be bulkier and heavier – making them unsuitable to be used indoors (and to play table tennis).

Well, how about badminton shoes you ask? Like table tennis, badminton is also an indoor sport, making badminton shoes more similar to table tennis shoes (more so than tennis shoes). They are lightweight and offer good grip, but because badminton requires more jumping and running, the shoes used for this sport are slightly thicker and heavier.

Factors to consider when choosing table tennis shoes

1. Weight of the shoe

The weight of your table tennis shoes is probably one of the most important factors when choosing a shoe. With a heavy shoe, and the extra weight, your speed and movement are significantly affected. Footwork is incredibly important if you are working towards being a successful player and has a direct impact on the power and consistency of your shots. Choosing a lightweight shoe with thin soles will ensure you can perfect your footwork and be agile and quick on your feet.

2. Material of the sole

The sole of your table tennis shoes need to offer good grip to enhance your playing ability as well as durability to ensure you do not slip. For indoor sports, soles are usually made of rubber. Sin Ten carries the Stiga Liner II Table Tennis Shoe, an excellent choice that has a sole that provides a high level of traction on all types of flooring. 

The sole is also the first to take the hit when it comes to wear and tear. Therefore ensure that the shoes you pick are made of high-quality material and come with soles that are durable. Low quality soles would mean the pits of the shoe will flatten quickly, and become slippery – which can lead to injuries if you continue using them.

3. Comfort level 

You have to be satisfied with how the shoes feel on your feet when you move around; the weight and the material of the shoes will not matter if you do not end up wearing them due to discomfort. If you feel that the soles are thin, consider adding some cushioning. However, do remember that this adds extra weight to your shoe, so you will have to strike a good balance between comfort and weight.

Keep your feet well ventilated by choosing a shoe made with good breathable materials. In this way, air is allowed to circulate and your feet will not feel hot and sweaty. Generally, synthetic leather is thought to be more comfortable than genuine leather.  Sin Ten’s Yasaka Jet Impact upper part is made of microfiber material and is made with a large-pore mesh, facilitating good ventilation. 

Choose from Sin Ten’s range of table tennis shoes

Sin Ten Sports Trading offers a range of high quality table tennis apparel and shoes. Visit our store located at Block 109, Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, Singapore to try on our table tennis shoes and find one that fits you best. You might also be interested in upgrading your table tennis rackets, Sin Ten also offers a variety of racket types based on your level of expertise and style of play.  

Call us if you would like to learn more about the range we carry. 

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