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Beginner’s Guide: Table Tennis Rubbers – Hardness, Pips? (Part II)

Beginner’s Guide: Table Tennis Rubbers – Hardness, Pips? (Part II)

There are many different types of table tennis rubbers on the market, and it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you.

When choosing table tennis rubbers for your blade, it’s important to consider your level of expertise as well as your style of play. Are you a beginner just starting out or a seasoned player who has played several years?  Do you have a counter-attacking style, an attacking style or a defensive style?

Keep these questions in mind as you go about choosing the type of rubber for your blade. This will help when you consider factors such as the anti-spin quality of rubber, hardness of the rubber sheets, and types of pips.

What types of ping pong rubbers are there?

1. Smooth rubbers

Within the category of smooth rubbers are 3 sub categories: frictionless rubbers (anti-spin), tacky rubbers, non-tacky rubbers.

The anti-spin quality of ping pong paddle rubbers is important as it helps mitigate the spin of the opponent’s ball. Table tennis rubbers with good anti-spin quality will make it easy for a player to block a ball with a spin. Frictionless rubbers reduce the spin of the ball. One such example is the Yasaka Anti Power Table Tennis Rubber

Tacky rubbers allow players to create spin easily but it has less power than non-tacky rubbers. Therefore, the player needs to learn how to add his own power to the ball. The Xiom Vega China VM Table Tennis Rubber is a tacky rubber offered by Sin Ten. 

Non-tacky rubbers create more bounce than tacky rubbers as the ball immediately bounces off the rubber when it comes into contact with it. However, the player needs to learn how to generate spin himself instead of relying on the rubber. Consider the Donic Bluestorm if you wish to try this type of rubber.  

Rubber hardness 

The hardness of the rubber sheet is important as it also affects the spin as well as the explosiveness of the ball. Rubber hardness is determined by the type of sponge on your blade. There are three common types: hard, medium, and soft.

The harder the rubber, the more spin you will be able to generate. However, more power is also required to generate the spin. Soft rubbers allow spin to be generated easily but the spin will be little, compared to the same series rubber.

2. Pimpled rubbers

Pimpled rubbers have pips on them. What are pips? Pips are small raised bumps on the surface of the table tennis rubber. They affect how the ball behaves when it is hit. Pips are important as they affect how much control you have over the ball. By understanding how the different pip lengths affect your play, you can pick the right one that suits what you want to achieve.

The different pip lengths and their respective advantages include:

  • Short pips: Acts like a smooth rubber but it is less sensitive to spin. Therefore, it is good for flicking the ball which will create a heavy effect for the opponent. To try its effects, consider the Yasaka Rakza P.O Table Tennis Rubber.
  • Medium pips: Provides an effect that is between short pips and long pips. 
  • Long pips: Reverses the amount of spin on the ball delivered by the opponent. To try its effects, consider the Dr. Neubauer Trouble Maker Rubber

Find table tennis rubbers that suit your playing style

There are many different table tennis rubbers available on the market. It is important to consider all of the factors in order to get the best table tennis experience. 

It is also important to remember that there is no “best” table tennis rubber sheet; it all depends on the player’s style of play and needs. By understanding how each of these factors affects your play, you can choose table tennis rubbers that will give you an edge over your opponents. As you play more often and start doing more table tennis drills, you can slowly start mastering the game – making you a more skilled and confident player. 

Sin Ten Sports Training offers a wide variety of table tennis products to enhance your playing kit and up your game. Browse our range of rubbers and do adequate research to find one that best suits you.

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