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Beginner’s Guide: Table Tennis Rubber—Short, Medium Or Long?

Beginner’s Guide: Table Tennis Rubber—Short, Medium Or Long?

As a beginner in the game, still fresh in the world of table tennis, you have an overwhelming amount of options constantly pushed at you, which can be nothing but confusing. But, it’s essential to consider every detail of your game since even the most subtle changes can make a massive difference in the game, even right down to the table tennis rubber types you use. 

Understandably with heaps of contradicting information out there, choosing the right table tennis rubbers for your playing style, online or in-store, won’t be that straightforward. Instead, let us set the record straight once and for all for you.

Whether you’re a rookie or a skilled player, the pimple structure on your table tennis racquet alone can boost your playing style and give you the upper hand in the game. And with this simplified guide to understanding rubber pips, you’re well on your way to elevating your game.

Short, Medium, or Long Pips. What’s The Difference?

Who knew that just a couple or more millimetres could make that much of a difference? A change of the pimple structure can affect the ease of use and help you gain control of your table tennis racquet. Carefully sifting through table tennis rubbers for sale and selecting the correct pimple length can help complement your favourite playing techniques and even compensate for your weaknesses. 

Scroll to reveal each table tennis rubber type’s speciality and the playing style each is best suited for. You’ll know the exact table tennis rubbers to buy online for your paddles in no time!

Short Pimple Table Tennis Rubbers

The short pimple table tennis rubber can not only receive your opponent’s ball, but it can also reduce its spin and help you gain control. With the proper technique, this rubber type can also generate a decent amount of spin back to your opponent.

As described, short pimple table tennis rubbers work best for attacking and offence. But because of its ability to help stabilize receives, it’s also handy for defence in your game.

If chopping and flicking techniques are up your alley, short pimple table tennis rubber can generate heavyweight balls at close range with ease and help you gain the aggressive edge you need. For short pimple table tennis rubbers recommended for beginners in Singapore, try the Yasaka Rakza P.O Rubber today!

Medium Pimple Table Tennis Rubbers

As for the medium pimple table tennis rubbers, it’s a little trickier to find the sweet spot when playing with this kind of rubber because it cannot generate spin. But, it’s the best type of rubber for blocking fast and rapid spin shots served by opponents.

Medium pimple table tennis rubbers are most suited for chopping and twiddle play techniques, as well as setting up the table for smashes. So once you get the hang of it, this rubber type is ideal for both attack and defence. If you’re keen on trying this type of rubber for your paddle, go for the Dr Neubauer Diamant Rubber and unlock a whole different side to your game in Singapore right away!

Long Pimple Table Tennis Rubbers

Last but not least, long pimple table tennis rubbers are the most versatile of the three. It can disrupt your opponent’s balls by reversing its spin. Not only that, this design can help you gain control of the incoming ball very quickly too.

Built for more defensive players, the long pimple table tennis rubber can receive tricky serves and enhance your blocking techniques. But because it’s so flexible, this rubber type is also helpful for offensive play with the proper chopping techniques. Try the Donic Spike P2 in Singapore at your next game to discover the full range of play techniques the long pimple table tennis rubber has to offer!

Buy Table Tennis Rubbers Online

Now that selecting rubbers has become way simpler, you’ll be able to make easy decisions for your table tennis blade and bring your game to the next level. Find a wide range of table tennis rubbers to buy from short, medium, to long for sale in our online store. Or, if you’re still unsure about which rubber types fit your playing style best, contact our friendly specialists for assistance today!

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