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Beginner’s Guide: Table Tennis Equipment You Need To Get Started Today

Beginner’s Guide: Table Tennis Equipment You Need To Get Started Today

Table tennis gear has come a long way since the game was first introduced in the 1880s. Solid natural wood paddles have replaced tennis-like racquets and plastic celluloid balls have evolved from wood, cork and animal skin versions. There are many different types of table tennis equipment designed for players of varying skill levels available in the market. Deciding between the different options of balls, paddles and tables available can be difficult for a fresh-eyed beginner, so we’ve put together a guide to walk you through the factors to consider when buying table tennis equipment in Singapore.

Choose the Right Table Tennis Equipment

1. Table tennis balls

There are several different types of balls available, such as fun novelty balls that come in different colours and sizes, those used for training, as well as those used in competitive play. The official rules of table tennis, as declared by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) state that those used in professional games should be:  

  • Spherical, with a diameter of 40+mm
  • Weigh 3g
  • Made of celluloid-free, ABS or similar plastics material and shall be white or orange, and matt

Table tennis balls are classified by the number of stars: one star balls are soft, might break if they are hit too hard and are suitable for practice and junior players; two star balls are good to practise with and can be used when not playing in a match; three star balls are the highest quality balls and the only type that ITTF approves. Sin Ten carries quality 3 Star Tokyo Olympic Table Tennis Balls – perfect for both practice and competitive matches – so you can buy them and start playing!

2. Blades

Most table tennis blades, or table tennis rackets, are made predominantly out of natural wood, with the addition of small amounts of other materials such as carbon fibre, glass fibre or compressed paper. The two things to look out for when choosing a blade is: thickness and handle style. 

First, the thickness of the blade is determined by the number of layers of wood it has – usually 3, 5 or 7. Choose the thickness of your blade based on what your playing style is, whether it’s a counter-attacking (or all-around), attacking (or offensive) or defensive style. 

Next, decide the type of handle by examining your grip style. Do you hold your blade like you hold your pen, where the handle is between your thumb and index finger? If yes, the “Chinese Penhold Style” blades are for you. They’re made with shorter, thicker handles. Or do you grip the racket as if you were shaking someone’s hand? If so, “Handshake Style” blade is more suited to your style. 

If you’re wondering where the best place is to buy table tennis rackets in Singapore, Sin Ten carries a range of rackets. Select one that suits your grip style. Also, pair your blade with the right rubber pips and you will be well on your way to playing a more controlled game. 

3. Tables

When deciding on a table tennis table, consider the following: How often do you play? What’s your level of play? Where will you store your table when it’s not in use? Will it be for outdoor or indoor use? This then influences the following factors: 

  • Size 
  • Stability
  • Fixed or comes with wheels
  • How easy it is to move and open

If you’ve just started out a couple of months ago and usually play at home with some friends, you want to have a table that is light, portable and can be easily stored away. Instead of having it as a permanent fixture, it should ideally come with a set of wheels and is foldable. Also ensure that it doesn’t take too long to set up, so you can play casual games of ping pong and put it away easily and without any hassle.

Sin Ten carries the Stiga Superior Roller Table Tennis Table that’s perfect for indoor use: it is foldable, made of a sturdy 18mm fibreboard, has a surface area of about 4.2m² and weighs 88kg. If you play competitively or professionally, opt for the Stiga Premium Roller Tennis Table instead. It comes with a thicker 25mm fibreboard that guarantees quality ball rebounds and weighs 114kg, making it a stable option. It’s also approved by ITTF, and is used in Active SG Sport Halls. 

Start Playing with the Right Gear

When first starting out, knowing about the different table tennis equipment available for purchase and buying one that matches with your style and frequency of play will go a long way in making you a more skilled player. As you start to learn more about the game, and your technique and competency evolves, you can consider upgrading your equipment so you can play the best game possible!
Start browsing Sin Ten’s collection, a premium table tennis equipment shop in Singapore, to find the right table tennis ball, blade and table. Or speak to someone from our team – we’re always happy to recommend options based on your playing style.

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