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Beginner’s Guide: Table Tennis Drills You Can Practice At Home

Beginner’s Guide: Table Tennis Drills You Can Practice At Home

Have you ever wondered what it takes to become an elite table tennis player? For us, we think it entails a perfect marriage of commitment and skill. As an exceptionally technical sport that requires bold attack and pinpoint accuracy in every game, there are indeed plenty of tiny details to master when it comes to table tennis. 

If you’re an entirely new player looking to dabble in table tennis, the good news is that you don’t actually need a coach or a partner to master the basics. There are some simple drills that you can self-learn to speed up your progress – right at the comfort of your own home. Yes, you’ve read that right! 

Below, we’ve compiled 3 table tennis drills that you need to focus on for a start. So read on and get started on the right foot! 

1. Develop Basic Ball Control

Learning how to control the ball is vital if you want to master the tricks in table tennis. So relax your wrist and get familiar with the racket and the ball. Start by bouncing up and down continuously, while aiming to keep the ball at the centre of the racket. 

When starting out, you might find yourself hitting the ball too high and even end up chasing the ball frantically all over the room – don’t fret. Like we’ve always emphasised, practice always makes perfect. Take your time and focus on grasping precise motion control, and you’ll find yourself getting the hang of it in no time. 

Once you’re comfortable with bouncing the ball up and down, take it up a notch by challenging yourself to tap on alternate sides – one time on the red, followed by another on the black. This will help you to learn to use both your forehand and backhand quickly. 

2. Improve Your Service Accuracy 

Professional players once said that to develop a good service, one needs to practice alone. So here are we – refining our service. 

Now, before we dive into the specifics, note that you’ll need a table tennis table for this one. So if you don’t already own a table tennis table, you might want to consider buying one from Sin Ten Sports Trading Singapore. Got one ready? Great, let’s get started! 

First, place a target on your opponent’s half of the table. Go through the service action and aim for the second bounce to hit the target. Repeat this over and over again. You can use this to practice any technique you desire – topspin serve, backspin serve, or sidespin serve. But we’ll highly recommend starting with the basics first before moving to more complex serves. 

3. Be Quick On Your Feet

(​​Editorial credit: Stefan Holm /

As you probably have been told a million times, having good conformity of your leg movement with your strokes is extremely important in table tennis. With the right footwork, you’re in the best position to hit the ball. 

In table tennis, it’s always a matter of moving sideways – either with a little jump or a shuffle. How do you practice this? There are two ways to go about it. For one, practice your footwork by envisioning conceivable strokes. Alternatively, get the help of a table tennis machine, which can perfectly replicate the real-life game experience. One such machine you can find in our online shop in Singapore is the Newgy Robopong

Start slow, and give your body plenty of time to get used to the movement. Once you feel that your movement is correct, then go for continuous strokes. 

Practice Hard, and You’ll Be on the Right Path

Always remember that excellence is not a skill. It’s the habit of practice. Keep working hard, and you’ll find yourself advancing real fast. But of course – don’t forget to have fun while at it!

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