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Beginner’s Guide: Mastering Forehand And Backhand

Beginner’s Guide: Mastering Forehand and Backhand

Table tennis is a greatly appreciated sport that allows one to flaunt their athletic prowess. However, given the many different techniques and strategies involved, the learning curve for table tennis is undeniably steep.

Should you be looking to enhance your performance and strive for excellence, developing your fundamental skills is the first step – do not just proceed with learning those flashy tricks without mastering the fundamentals. 

So what are the fundamentals of table tennis, you asked? Well, forehand drive and backhand drive are two of the most basic strokes taught to beginners. And we are here to take you through what the forehand drive and backhand drive are all about. 

All You Need to Know About the Forehand Drive

A forehand drive in table tennis is an offensive stroke that can be very powerful when executed right. It can be played against long or medium length topspin, or float balls.

To perfect your forehand drive, getting the right stance is crucial. Start by facing the table with your legs bent, feet slightly apart, and arms below the table. Picture yourself trying to catch a ball – except that you’re using a table tennis bat to do so. The surface of the table tennis bat should be held perpendicular to the floor and tilted minutely upward.

When you are ready to execute the shot, brush the ball in a pendulum motion when it is at its highest point, follow-through, and then prepare for your next shot.

Drills to Hit a Better Forehand

When practising the forehand drive, aim for consistency first. Grab a training partner and try aiming for ten consecutive forehand drives without making mistakes. Then, slowly build those numbers up. 

You can also practice hitting two forehand drives crosscourt, and two forehand drives down the line – this helps you with learning how to play the forehand drive in different directions.

Keep working on those drills so you can get your muscle memory used to the shots! When you develop muscle memory, you will eventually find consistency in your strokes and movement.

All You Need to Know About the Backhand Drive

Like the forehand drive, the backhand drive is also a strong attacking shot. However, it is slightly easier to master than forehand drive as it does not require body rotation and weight transfer. Allowing you to play against long or medium length topspin or float balls, the backhand drive remains an irreplaceable basic, pivotal for player’s development.

To execute the backhand drive, stand a bit less than one forearm’s length from the table, keep your feet slightly more than shoulders’ width apart and your knees bent. Your body should be kept in front of the table – there is no side movement of the torso.

As the ball approaches, move your arm upward to create the topspin and forward to meet the ball at the peak of its bounce. The movement should come from your elbow and forearm.

Perfecting Your Backhand Technique

Similar to forehand drive, you can also leverage down the line and crosscourt hitting to refine your backhand technique. The drills can be altered in several ways, depending on what aspects of the game you would like to focus on.

Get Your Hands on the Right Training Equipment

Before you start working on these, it is helpful to have the right equipment. It does not have to be the best or the most pricey table tennis bat you can find in the market – all you need is a decent one to enable more effective practices.

Carrying table tennis bat sets and other accessories such as rubber replacements from reputable brands including Stiga, Xiom and more, Sin Ten Sports Training has got everything you need to get better at table tennis. Take your game to the next level with Sin Ten Sports Trading today.

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