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Yasaka Silver Line 9 Wood 亚萨卡银线9层木板


SILVER 9 WOOD  – Yasaka’s newly introduced blade is the fastest blade in the Silver Line series. It’s a high tech fast attacking table tennis blade produced in the famous table tennis factory in Tranås, Sweden.

The construction of this 9-ply blade is 3 hard centre veneers which are glued together to give a powerful core to the blade. Covering the core there are two harder and thinner red wooden veneers, one on each side of the core.

The outer silver/red veneers are hard thanks to a specialised process employing high pressure. The second veneer used is a thin medium-soft veneer. Thanks to the selection of veneers and the 8 layers of glue the Silver Line 9 WOOD has a large sweet spot and is suitable for hard attacking players.

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Number of layers: 9 ply wood

Type of blade: All Round +

Approximated weight: 87 ± g

Thickness: 6.3 ± mm

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