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Xiom Vega Europe Rubber,骄猛唯佳欧洲套胶


VEGA EUROPE has the higher ball-trajectory to create a larger safe-zone (big window) over the net. Empirical test shows bigger window effectively increases the success rate of your attack and reduce the chance of miss-shots. Very easy to make spins VEGA EUROPE also has the deeper ball-catching feel at impact for the control. Longer control at impact creates more opportunities for modern European style. More spin rotations also compensate the speed against air resistance.

New black CARBO-SPONGE maximized the internal efficiency to generate additional energy onto the ball. Ball flies with more power as a result. Resilient tensile structure improved(s) the lifetime of rubber by 30~50%.

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Speed: 8.9

Spin: 9.1

Control: 9.1

Tackiness: Slightly tacky

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Red, Black



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