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DONIC Persson Youngstar 多尼克佩尔森小明星板


Children and juveniles have smaller hands and less strength than adults, which is why DONIC has developed two special blades for “kids” requirements.

  • thinner concave handle perfect for small hands.
  • somewhat smaller blade-width specially chosen lighter plies. The blade is especially light and easy to handle. All strokes can be played with less strength.
  • specially priced rangeThe special characteristics of DONIC match blades are retained. Perfect balance, superb control, sufficient speeds for attacking strokes.

Persson Youngstar: The offensive blade.

The total thickness of ply: 6,1 mm The crucial quality of this blade is its very good control, whilst armed with sufficient speed.

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Number of layers: 5 ply wood

Type of blade: Offensive

Approximated weight: 85 ± g

Thickness: 6.1 ± mm

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