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DONIC Defence Play Senso 多尼克削球王空心板


The versatile defensive blade Donic has developed the fantastic Defplay Senso, especially for the modern and versatile defensive player.

  •  world’s most successful veneer combination (5-ply all-round) is manufactured with two dampening but elastic outer plies. (Gabon and Anegre),
  •  the vibration and the speed of the blade are reduced by increasing the size of the blade by 3 mm.
  • the SENSO technology brings maximum dampening effect with the specially developed V3 void

The result:

  • unbelievable control for all defensive shots.
  • a fantastic acceleration for all offensive shots.
  • pure playing excitement.
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Number of layers: 5 ply wood

Type of blade: Defensive

Approximated weight: 85 ± g

Thickness: 5.5 ± mm

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